Why Live Palms Trees can’t survive in Northern Climates

In many climates live palm trees will die at the first frost of the season. The palms are usually put in during May, and begin browning by September. Once the first frost of the season comes, they whither.
Many palm trees are made up of 95% water, and as the water expands due to freezing the palm tree will die. Later they begin to rot due to the rains and snow. So, typically live palm trees only last 4 months of a year in Northern areas.
It is costly to purchase live palms, and to have them shipped up from Florida every year. Some additional costs include watering, building irrigation systems, landscaping costs, and hiring workers to remove the trees after they have died.
During most of the year these dead trees can make the landscape look unappealing unkempt. Also it is environmentally unfriendly to continue disposing of these palm trees year after year.
Fortunately artificial palm trees will eliminate all those problems and offer some additional cost savings.
Oasis Illusions’ outdoor artificial palms can offer a conversation piece in areas nationally where palm trees cannot be grown naturally outdoors. Our trees will appear to defy Mother Nature.
Adelphia Restaurant's Palm Trees
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