Highest Quality, Most Durable Preserved and Artificial Palm Trees!

Oasis Illusions manufactures outdoor artificial palm trees and indoor Preserved Palm Trees which can be used to promote a vacation atmosphere for both residential and commercial customers. These trees can bring the island atmosphere to your backyard or commercial property.

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees


Indoor Preserved Palm Trees


Palms are known to create a warm, calm, harmonious, and comfortable atmosphere, so they can actually fit into any décor or landscape.

All our outdoor artificial palm trees for sale are engineered for protection against intense sunlight UV rays, rain, ice, snow, frost, humidity, freezing conditions, and high wind gusts. The leaves do not get brittle in freezing conditions outside, as many inferior fake palm trees might.

Each tree trunk has a rust resistant steel metal core. Our faux palm trees are built to last.

Our interior preserved palm trees are made from actual palm leaves that are treated to last indoors. These preserved tree fronds are transformed through a proprietary scientific systemic process which saves the leaf so it will never wither away.

At Oasis Illusions we custom build your tropical palm trees to look botanically correct, with absolute realism, texture, and color.

Our artificial outdoor palm trees and preserved trees are made from real palm bark, fiber, or natural tree components. In fact, many people come up and touch the texture of the tree trunk, and can’t believe it is not alive.

We have tested these Artificial Palms in the harshest environments for many years. They have been tested in South Florida, California, Texas, Michigan, and off the ocean beaches in New Jersey. We also have several installations worldwide in the Netherlands, Canada, and Hong Kong.

Some of our clients include Nascar of the Poconos, high end clubs and restaurants, resorts, and several CEOs of different companies, and many homeowners. Please contact us for wholesale opportunities.

Check out some of our latest projects here.

Why Oasis Illusions?


Highest Quality Materials

Each tree is handcrafted from either real natural palm bark or molded from an actual palm tree trunk. Every trunk has a rust resistant steel metal core.


International Shipping

We have shipped products all over the world for projects in the Philippines, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia. In addition we have many installations all over the United States and Canada.


American Made

We pride ourselves in manufacturing our products in the United States. We use only the finest most durable materials and highest quality raw materials to make the finest trees.


George Weston

About 4 years ago as we were building our pool I thought that adding palm trees would be a nice touch. After a lot of research I ordered 2 beautiful trees from Bob Wear at Oasis Illusions.
They are still in perfect condition with no maintenance. We absolutely love the trees!

George Weston

Polina Petrusevich

Our Company had an wonderful experience working with Oasis Illusions. We were contracted to work on a high end car dealership in Florida where high quality preserved palm tree and plants were needed. OI crew did an excellent job with installation, were very timely, reliable and very accommodation to some hick ups that happened during construction process.
We look forward to many more projects together and very much recommend Oasis Illusions for all of your residential and commercial needs.

Polina Petrusevich

Kalen Schulteis

I give 5 stars only because it's not possible to give more. Not only does Oasis Illusions have the best quality palm trees, but also dealing with Bob is a pleasure.
You will be thrilled when you see these palm trees installed.

Kalen Schulteis

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How Are These Artificial And Preserved Palm Trees Superior To Their Live Counterparts?

Our trees are also immune to several problems affecting real palm trees. Our trees are:
Tolerant of Freezing ...

How Do These Trees Hold Up Outdoors?

Oasis Illusions replica palms are designed to withstand snow, ice and temperature below freezing. The branches are made of weatherproof... Read More >>

What Upkeep Is Required?

Oasis Illusions palms are designed to be as low maintenance as possible... Read More >>

Are We The Manufacture Of These Palm Trees?

Yes Oasis Illusions is the custom builder of the highest quality and most durable indoor preserved and... Read More >>

What Are The Trees Actually Made Out Of, And What Is Our Manufacturing Process?

Our Palm Tree trunks are created from real palm bark or natural materials. Piece by piece these materials... Read More >>

What Are The Tallest Palm Tree Heights That We Can Build?

We can build outdoor palm trees as tall as 25' tall and have built indoor palms as tall as 42' tall.

What Is A Tapered Trunk, And What Are The Differences Between A Straight And Curved Trunks?

A Tapered trunk means there is a larger diameter at base, and narrowing towards the top of trunk. Most of our trees offer a straight or slightly curved tapered trunk.

How To Choose A Custom Curvature?

Our replica palms are highly customizable. They can be fabricated, contoured, and tapered Read More >>

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