Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Palm Trees

Perfect for indoor/outdoor use!

All our outdoor artificial palm trees are tested and engineered for a variety of outdoor weather conditions. They are tolerant to freezing, wind, snow, ice, humidity, and other weather conditions. Our artificial palm leaves are built with a bendable, but yet strong leaf petiole. Our artificial palms will gracefully sway with the breeze, and the leaves will rustle in the wind. The branches will always return back to their original position and never become deformed.

Many fake palms and silk trees on the market fade readily when exposed to the sun’s UV rays. However our palm fronds are UV protected to reduce fading in the sun. They are made from high quality poly-resins. Click here to read more about the UV protection on our artificial palm trees

Our products are not like the typical fake outdoor palm trees for sale on the internet. Each outdoor artificial palm tree is made from real palm bark, fiber, or natural tree components. These trees have steel core trunks. This means that our trees are built to last.

Oasis Illusions’ artificial palm leaves are molded to replicate the live plant material. Another reason our trees are so beautiful, is because our outdoor fronds are poly-chromatic, hand colored by our professional Oasis Illusions artists.

This is done to simulate the live plant material and newer growth. We provide you with the natural beauty of live palms, however, these trees won't die.

Our outdoor artificial palm trees are highly customizable. We can fabricate your artificial outdoor palm tree with straight or curved trunks.  They can be fabricated, contoured, and tapered to meet individual site specifications and preferences. Click here to find out more about custom curvatures.

Aesthetic Appeal: Oasis Illusions does not have the reputation of creating nondurable cheap outdoor fake palm trees. Our custom palm trees are very durable, and built to be botanically accurate.

Our trees have been designed to make sure that the final product looks as realistic as possible. Our trees are the most beautiful replica palms available and can completely change the look of the surrounding area.

These outdoor artificial plants can also be strategically placed around your yard to camouflage unsightly equipment or to provide privacy for bathers.

They can help beautify the area. Instead of a privacy enclosure, the natural trees will not trap excess heat in a building on hot summer nights.

Our  artificial outdoor palm trees can be included with a variety of plants and water falls, rocks, and lights to add a resort appeal to any location, designing a landscape which can fit into a variety of unused spaces.

Oasis Illusions is the custom builder of the highest quality and most durable indoor preserved and artificial outdoor palm trees. These palm trees are custom built according to your design specifications.

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