Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Bottle Palm Trees with Natural Bark

Bottle Palm - 7 Foot Tall With 30 Leaves

It is possible for our artificial palm trees to be ...

Price: $1,600.00

When this small palm is placed into a landscape it appears like a quaint sculptural masterpiece. It is the perfect palm for ornamental gardens or areas where its interesting profile can be displayed.The bulbous trunk on this palm resembles a bottle when the plant is young.

A popular myth is that the swollen trunk is due to an increase in water content. However, the bottle shape is just the way the tree naturally grows.

The Palm Frond canopy on the bottle palm will naturally form a ā€œVā€ shape where the leaves will arch outward.

It is possible for our artificial palm trees to be incorporated into an patio paver job, such as one around your patio or pool area, and help beautify it into a luxurious garden.

We have worked with many landscapers nationally to put together a beautiful display according to the end users specifications. In landscape bottle palms are valued for their novelty. They make an attractive focal point when planted in groups, but they make a more dramatic statement when planted in a container.

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