Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Phoenix Date Palm Trees

Price: $3,400.00
Price: $3,900.00

The leaves on these palms are UV stable and freeze tolerant to below zero. The leaves are not inferior and do not get brittle in typical freezing temperatures. The Mature Phoenix Date Palm is our best choice for these conditions because it includes heavy duty flex rods that can handle heavy winds and ice loads.

Looking for artificial palm trees for sale but can only find inadequate outdoor fake palms? No problem. Our company Oasis Illusions was started five years ago with the vision of creating the most realistic looking artificial outdoor tropical trees for sale on the market. Our goal was to manufacture outdoor artificial trees so realistic that people can’t tell the difference between ours and the real thing.

The garden of Versailles, originally designed for King Louis XIV, provides a stunning backdrop for dozens of container-grown date palms, which have to be moved indoors during inclement weather. Fortunately, our outdoor artificial palm trees can be used outdoors year round.

This Palm is typically thought of as an oasis palm, they are native to arid sub-tropical and dry climates. These desert palms thrive naturally in oases. Phoenix date palms help to create a lush jungle oasis in the middle of a desert. Many times the air is much cooler underneath these palms canopies. Many exotic animals and foliage which exist nowhere else on the planet can survive underneath these stately palms.

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