Artificial Palm Trees

Outdoor Artificial Sago Palms

Sago Palm - 7' Canopy with 50 Leaves (4 foot)

Only artificial trees can offer customers the convenience ...

Price: $1,150.00

Sago Palm - 7' Canopy with 33 Leaves (4 foot)

While the artificial palms provide the feeling of absolute ...

Price: $775.00

Sago Palm also known as Cycas revoluta is an attractive plant / bush that is found in the tropical lowland forests and freshwater swamps across Southeast Asia and southern Japan.

They were some of the only plants growing during the Mesozoic Era. That time frame was known as the “Age of Cycads”. These “living fossils” are beautiful plants but their foliage was probably toxic to the plant eating dinosaurs.

A Sago typically only reaches four to six feet in over all height. The Lush Foliage of a sago palm has a globe shaped canopy. These plants look excellent around pool areas or within exotic gardens.

While the artificial palms provide the feeling of absolute realism, they do not have some of the common problems facing the living plants; they will not die, overgrow their area, and require special irrigation or lighting systems.

For all pet owners, please bear in mind that live sago plants can be highly toxic to animals and can cause liver failure. Fortunately our artificial sago palms are completely non toxic.

Only an outdoor artificial palm tree can offer customers the convenience of being able to bolt them to the concrete pad or concrete them into a pot. The look of artificial palms around a pool or patio area can help create the illusion of a lush garden oasis. Patio furniture will help accent this space as well.

Many huge live trees would not survive in a pot throughout the winter, because the tree will not have the rooting deep enough, or the tree does not have the earth’s surface to warm it on freezing days.

An inexpensive silk palm tree may look good outdoors for a short time; however, the elements will affect it over time. Poor quality silk palm trees have a habit of being torn apart by the winds, or fading dramatically in the sun.

But rest assured each artificial palm tree from Oasis Illusions is designed to withstand the elements year round.

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