How to Enhance a Pool Area with Palm Trees

How to Enhance a Pool Area with Palm Trees
The most desired and expensive pools are ones with naturally curvy shapes to simulate a natural body of non-man made water according to Aqua Pool Magazine. People spend thousands of dollars to have their pools appear rimless so that you sense you are swimming in the Caribbean or the Mediterranean Sea instead of just a pool.
No matter how much money a homeowner may spend on an attractive swimming pool design, it is always going to be just a hole in ground that is used for bathing. These pool areas are surrounded by large paver or concrete patios. Spending more money on un- natural décor and statues to go around it will not bring life to this space. It will just continue to look man-made and barren even if the pool is gorgeous.
Whether or not you have a fantasy pool or a regular one: trees and plants added around it can turn this space into a private little Oasis. Trees can create atmosphere by creating reflection on the pool area. There is something refreshing about getting out of the indoors and being surrounded by natural elements.
Whether you are looking at a post card or actually visiting an exotic location in person the beauty of a well landscaped resort with a lavish swimming pool design can be appreciated. Worldwide Marriott Resorts and Ritz Carlton Hotels have been known to use Palm Trees to frame their fantasy pool areas.
Palms are reflective of a resort like atmosphere. Palms are also considered one of the most valuable ornamental plants and are often grown along streets in tropical and subtropical cities, and also along the Mediterranean coast in Europe.
From a landscape designer’s perspective it is understood that palm tree décor can also take a barren pool or spa area and aesthetically improve it. They can be used to enclose it, or add privacy to the outdoor space.
However, there are some disadvantages of planting a typical live tree in a pool area. It’s roots might severely damage the pool liner or concrete frame. This problem would appear unnoticed until there was serious damage.
“Typical trees have a root system equal to the canopy size. So if the tree has a mature width of 16', then it is suggested to plant the tree at least half that distance from the pool wall.” If you have pipes in that area then plant it even further away. Roots have been known to plow through concrete and gunite as well.”


Live palm tree roots grow mostly downward so they are not likely to damage your pool. But, unfortunately, many times large live Palm Trees cannot survive outdoors year round in climates that have a frost line. They can be a fussy plant even in a tropical landscape.


However, there is another option. Oasis Illusions manufactures the most durable and botanically accurate outdoor artificial palm trees. This Palm Tree Décor is made from real palm bark, fiber, or natural tree components. They also have steel core trunks. Each palm frond is molded to replicate the live plant material. Just like live plant material these leaves appear poly-chromatic, and are hand colored by Oasis Illusions’ professional artists right here in NJ.


Artificial trees can offer customers the convenience of being able to install these trees by putting a concrete footing into the ground with a receiver sleeve , or bolting them to the concrete pad, or concreting them into a pot.


This will also keep the plant from falling over into the pool if a windstorm came through. Live mature trees which are potted are much more top heavy so they have more of a tendency to tip over.
Only palms can offer a spectacular Umbrella shape, no northern trees have a shape like that. Oasis Illusions can custom build these artificial trees to the perfect size and shape to add some shading to the pool/ spa area or to an existing tropical landscape garden area.
Some people will always think that using anything that is a replica tree is wrong, even if it enhances the space. Oasis Illusions Artificial Palm Trees offer a spectacular foliage spread that can enhance any swimming pool design, as well as having the other aesthetic qualities as the live palm tree.
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