About our Preserved Trees
Oasis Illusions creates exotic resort quality Replica and Preserved palm trees that can be used to promote a vacation atmosphere for home owners and businesses. We offer the touch of the tropics for your landscape!
Our Preserved Plants and trees look real because they are real. The preserved palm trees will truly excite your senses with the sight of realism, and the feel of real palm fronds. Everything in view on the tree is real.
Why would I want that? It is like bringing the outdoors indoors. Our Preserved Palm trees will add a warm welcoming vacation atmosphere that will liven up the man made structures and architecture it surrounds. Palm trees have always been used to promote cultural, tropical, desert, or exotic architecture and landscaping. Our preserved palm trees can be used to create this kind of exotic atmosphere by allowing you to establish an oasis where live palm trees won’t grow. The soft touch of palm trees can create an atmosphere that embodies the image of status, freedom, vibrancy, new life, glamour, or achievement. If you want to create this type of image inside your residence, restaurant, or hotel, where people can see it up close, then we recommend our preserved trees. They are also cost efficient...when you consider all the costs involved with growing the “live” ones indoors. They can be designed according to your exact specifications, or requirements, as well.
Each leaf has its own unique beauty and character. No two leaves will ever be the same. Hence, natural beauty - nature's handiwork - is what you are purchasing when you choose a preserved tree. They are specimens that you would hope to find at a nursery. The difference is even if you could find them, of course, is our preserved products are virtually maintenance free.
Try to find a tree in nature that can meet your exact overall height, width, foliage, and trunk design requirements, as well. Then, try getting the tree to not over grow the environment, or perhaps, even die. Our preserved and artificial trees can be customized to your specifications. You can get the exact look for the design without having to wait many years for the trees to grow into the most desired specific requirements.  We typically custom build our palms anywhere from 3 to 20 ft. (or higher if desired). Custom sizes range from table top palm trees to larger atrium and indoor pool room installations.
Why do I want this?
The value of our trees is tremendous - in terms of quality and price. Our preserved trees are natural to touch and see...the bark and the fronds are not manufactured, but are grown from real natural plant materials. This kind of high quality tree is the same as that can be found in hotels, malls, and resorts found around the globe. Some of the highest quality preserved trees can be found lasting more than 10 years in restaurants, hotels, and casinos in ideal conditions, with only an occasional dusting, as needed.  All our preserved palm fronds are provided with a 4 year limited warranty. In our opinion we have made every effort to build our trees with the highest quality. We hope to be building the longest lasting preserved trees at a reasonable price.
We offer two types of preserved products. The moisture shielded preserved branches are designed to be able to be cleaned with water, and mild soap to remove dust. They have been tested in environments with high humidity, arid conditions, and High UV sunlight. Also available is our standard preserved branch, which is designed for low sunlight, non-humid areas.
Designed to Last
All of Oasis Illusion’s Preserved trees are for interior locations only. These leaves are supple and smooth to the touch. They were designed not to turn your hand green when you rub the leaf. They do not feel brittle, and even have little brown tips at the ends (beauty marks). These so-called beauty marks are created by nature, providing them with coloring variations or green tones. The trees are virtually maintenance-free, are bug-free, require no watering, and come with a warranty. Nature can't produce a palm tree that is completely rot resistant, disease free, insect free, and fire retardant according to the regulations of the U.S. fire marshal. Our branches are grown with quality control by a trained horticulturist in the United States. Some foreign firms may claim to offer preserved palm trees, however, with strict U.S. commercial fire regulations, some of these products may still not meet all quality standards.
Our trees can be more cost effective than live palms
Live palm tree costs can include:
  • Protection from too much sun exposure or not enough
  • Protection from wilting or scorching of branches
  • Protection from disease
  • Protection from bacteria
  • Protection from insects (in need of pesticides)
  • Trimming
  • Requirement of drainage and sprinkler systems
  • Outgrowing their area
  • Improper temperatures (air condition)
  • Huge gantry cranes for installation
  • Expensive climate controls
  • Floor weight restraints
The fact is, live palm trees will eventually overgrow their environment, or die. Imagine all the equipment necessary to try to pull out a heavy, one ton dead palm tree, from an interior space. Much of the live palm trees
weight comes from its large root ball.  First, it can be dangerous to remove this huge tree and the large root ball. Second, it will ruin the incorporated tropical landscape. Lastly, it is costly to hire team of professionals to cut it down pull out the root ball. This is a dangerous job that no interior designer or landscaper should have to undertake. This problem could have been easily solved, cost effectively, with the help of Oasis Illusions indoor preserved Palm trees.   If you are still not convinced about all the costs associated with live palm trees, contact us.
How are Oasis Illusion’s quality preserved trees made?
Scientifically, the real palm trees leaves are transformed indefinitely. These palm fronds are changed systemically up through the petiole to the leaves (or through the inside of the branch) internally replacing the branch’s water with a safe organic formula. The branches are therefore converted, or brought back to life in a new form. This is done without harm to the live palm tree (Not Freeze dried foliage).
Most importantly, our transfigured palm tree branches also become (IFR) Internally Fire Retardant, through our systemic preservation. This is important to mention, because other companies may offer cheaper solutions that do not include the Internally Fire retardant process. If it is not internally fire retardant, then it may only be topically fire retardant. When using the less expensive method of spraying topically, it means the application would have to be applied on a regular basis to accomplish the same thing. It means you would have to hire workers to spray it on, in order to keep meeting the state fire marshals recommendations. When applied topically, the fire retardant can easily wash off, through humidity, or other liquids. This can be particularly dangerous. The fire retardant formula applied during the preservation process ensures the installation to permanently meet the fire code. We even offer fire retardant bark as an option on our trees, as well.
If you are looking to save time, labor, and money, but wish to have realistic looking palm trees, then Oasis Illusions can turn your vision into a reality.

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